• The Space

    Tiny Getaway

    The Hilltop Hideaway is a custom-built cabin offering an off-grid experience in a secluded natural setting. The fully insulated cabin features floor-to-ceiling windows with views of the surrounding hills and has a double bed (140x200cm, pillows and blankets provided). A compost toilet is in a separate building steps away. Bottled water is provided and a gas burner and BBQ allow for basic food preparation.



    The Hilltop Hideaway sits in a small clearing under the partial shade of a walnut tree, and is surrounded by forest on all sides A variety of fruit trees grow in the clearing, including plum and several apple trees, frequently luring deer and other woodland animals from the protection of the forest into the view of the Hilltop Hideaway.

    The house is fully insulated using all-natural sheep wool, with a double roof system that provides further insulation as well as increased air circulation. Double glazed floor-to-ceiling windows offer spectacular views of the Idrica valley and the hills beyond.
    Although small, the Hilltop Hideaway features a normal size double bed (140 x 200 cm) with underbed storage, seating and small tables inside. There is a portable barbecue as well as a single gas burner for food preparation outside, and guests are welcome to pick seasonal vegetables from the small gardens around the house or fruit from the surrounding trees.

    Inspired by the traditional iconic hay rack construction unique to Slovenia, Hilltop Hideaway was conceptualised, designed, and hand-crafted by a local tradesman with a strong connection to the local natural environment and traditional Slovenian construction design and methodology.
    By adapting the characteristic Slovene hayrack, or kosalec, into a small home fit for modern yet simple rustic living, the intention of the house is to preserve a distinct Slovenian architectural design, establishing a new use for an iconic Slovenian structure that is fading from use in modern times, maintaining a connection between modern Slovenia and its cultural past.

  • Linens Provided

    All bedding and towels are provided free of charge.

    Cooking Facilities

    There is a small single gas burner and there is also a fire pit for barbeques.


    There is a compost toilet on the premise that is cleaned after every visitor.


    There is a compost toilet on the premises that is cleaned after every visitor.

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